From recording to analysis, Sony’s Action Cam is a great tool to use in tandem with the V1 Pro app. Here are a few brief instructions to help you configure and begin using your camera with your Android device.

Please note: the V1 Pro app can only be configured to Action Cam models in Sony’s HDR-AS series.


To begin, select Capture from anywhere within the V1 Pro app. You will be presented the option of two capture methods. Select either:

V1 Capture, which uses your device’s built-in camera to capture video; or

Sony’s Action Cam, which uses your paired Action Cam to capture video. 

Once you’ve selected your preferred capture method, click the Always button to save your selection in the V1 Pro app, or Just Once for a single use. If Always is selected and you want to change your preferred method in the future, you can access the Settings page via the main menu. You can also select Prompt Me if you’d like the V1 Pro app to prompt you to select a capture method in the future.

When Sony’s Action Cam is selected, the V1 Pro app will attempt to connect your Action Cam via WiFi. If more than one Action Cam is near your device, you will be asked to choose the correct pairing using your SSID. If the V1 Pro app is unable to locate a nearby Action Cam, you will receive an error message and instructions to ensure your Action Cam is powered on and its WiFi is enabled.


Now that you’ve configured and connected your Sony Action Cam, it’s time to record video. If your Action Cam is in Movie mode, you’ll be presented with a preview display. You can begin a recording by simply clicking Capture, and end a recording by clicking Stop. To change the view angle, click Angle. To modify the resolution or recorded frames per second (fps), select Quality. Both angle and quality options are based on your Action Cam’s supported settings.


If your Action Cam is connected and in Send mode, a list of your captured videos will display horizontally. You can scroll through your captured videos by swiping left or right. Only videos 30 seconds or less in length are available for import. Select Download to download one or more videos at once, or Analyze to download and automatically view a single video within the V1 Pro Analyzer. Once downloaded, your videos can be found under the Imported heading within your stored videos. 

Please note: 720p and 1080p videos will be downsampled to 480p or 720p, depending on the High Quality Mode selected in Settings via the main menu.

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