Before beginning a lesson, you should select the desired device orientation, either portrait or landscape, and you should decide whether or not to compare the student video with a model or another video. Once the lesson begins, it is not possible to start a comparison or open a different video for comparison.
 From the video Analysis window, click the V1 logo, then the Start lesson button. While the lesson is being recorded, you will see a 5 minute countdown-timer in the lower/left, along with the student's name at the bottom of the window.

During the lesson, everything that you say and do with the video and drawing tools will be recorded.

To end the lesson, touch the V1 logo then End Lesson.

If you are using a standard size iPhone, you have the option to Discard or Review your lesson. You then may choose to either send the lesson immediately if you have an Internet connection, or save it to the outbox for sending at a later time.

If you are using an iPad or Plus screen iPhone, a Lesson Wrap-up window will appear. Here you may review the video, assign a description, and even add additional content from your locker to the lesson. If your academy is setup for social media sites such as Facebook, You Tube and Twitter, you may choose to send the lesson to those sites as well. Set the SMS lesson links button to On in order to send the student a text message linking them to their lesson.

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