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Sony Action Cam Setup (Pro Windows)
Sony Action Cam Setup (Pro Windows)


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Sony ACTION CAMERA Camcorder Setup:

  1. Please be sure to insert the memory card first. The gold fingers should face up.

  2. Charge Battery: Charge the battery by inserting the battery pack into the ACTION CAMERA camcorder, then connect the ACTION CAMERA camcorder to your computer via USB .

  3. Power on device: After battery is charged disconnect the camera from your PC, you can turn on camcorder by pressing either “Prev” or “Next.” Do not press the “Start/Stop” button to turn on the device, or it will begin recording.

  4. To change the Power Saving mode, click the “Next” button until you see “Setup”. Press the “Start/Stop” button. Press the “Next” button until you see “A,off”. Press the “Start/Stop” button. You can press “Next” to cycle thru the settings of “10sec”, “60sec”, “off”, “back”. Select which setting you want by pressing the “Start/Stop” button. Note that if you set the power savings to “off” that you will need to turn off the camera. To do this, press the “Next” button until you see “PvvOFF” and select it with the “Start/Stop” button.

  5. Select video mode for golf shot recording:

  6. Once powered on, press the “Next” button to go to “Setup”.

  7. Once the screen shows “Setup,” press the “Start/Stop” button.

  8. You should now see the “Video” text on the screen. Press the “Start/Stop” button again.

  9. There are several different video recording formats. Press the “Next” button until the screen shows “720/120p/SSlow”. This is the video mode you want to use to record your golf swing. Press “Start/Stop” to select this mode.

  10. Turn on Wifi

  11. Return to “Setup” by pushing the “next” button until you see the “Setup” screen again.

  12. Press “Start/Stop”. You will see “Video”again, but press “Next” until the screen shows “Remote.”

  13. Press the “Start/Stop” button. You will see either “On” or “Off” appear on the screen. If “off”, press “Next” until the screen shows “On”. Select “On” by pressing “Start/Stop.”

  14. Wait 5-10 seconds and a “Wifi” logo should appear on the top left corner of the screen.

 The ACTION CAMERA camcorder is now setup to record your golf swing.
​ Using ACTION CAMERA with VI App:

  1. Install V1 app onto your tablet

  2. Go to main V1 App screen/menu where you should see the Stored/Library/Capture/Help/Store options

  3. Select “Capture”

  4. The screen will ask for a device password. The password for the device is located in the middle of the ACTION CAMERA User’s manual (open up the user’s manual like a wallet and you will see a light blue sticker with the device password), or you may also see it on a white tag on the bottom of the camera.

  5. Enter the password onto the screen (case sensitive)

  6. Make sure you are in a wifi-enabled area. Make sure the ACTION CAMERA Camcorder is powered on. The tablet should now recognize the ACTION CAMERA camcorder.

  7. You are now ready to record. Setup your ACTION CAMERA camcorder on your golf bag or tripod. Use your tablet to confirm you are being captured by the camcorder.

  8. Now you should see your image being captured on the tablet. At the bottom of the screen is a “capture” button. Press “Capture” on your tablet to start recording. Press “Stop” when you are finished.

  9. Once you are finished recording, go to the ACTION CAMERA camcorder and press the “Next” button until you see “Send” appear on the ACTION CAMERA camcorder screen. Next, press the “Start/Stop” button to send your captured content from ACTION CAMERA camcorder to tablet. This may take a few seconds. The ACTION CAMERA screen should change from “Send to “Ready” (this may take 30 seconds – 1 minute)

  10. Once “Ready” appears on the ACTION CAMERA screen, return to the main menu page for the V1 app. Select the “capture” button. This will begin the transfer of the content from the ACTION CAMERA camcorder to the tablet.

  11. The content should now be visible on the tablet. Select “Analyze” at the bottom of the screen.

  12. Now the content is ready for review. Press play to watch your swing, or use the different V1 app functions to draw lines, etc. Enjoy!

 Please also note that Sony has provided several manuals for this camera on their website at:
 This is their website for more information:

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