1. Select a Student

The first step in lesson creation is to "Select the Current Student."

Either select the current student by pressing and holding on a student (2-3 seconds) or by clicking on the student file and having it in front of you.

2. Take a Video

After selecting the current student, select the camera in the top right corner and take a video. After the video is completed, it will come up again on the screen where you can analyze the video with analysis tools as well as use the compare/overlay function(s).

3. Start Lesson

In order to start the lesson, select the "V1 Action Button" in the top left corner and select "Start Lesson" in order to start the voiceover process.

4. End the Lesson

After you complete the voiceover lesson and the on-screen telestration (drawings), select the "V1 Action Button" in the top left corner and select "End Lesson".

5. Review the Lesson

After the Voiceover lesson has been ended, the instructor/coach can review the lesson. They can re-watch and/or re-listen to the lesson.

The action buttons are at the bottom.

"Discard Lesson" gets rid of the current lesson and starts it over.

"Save to Outbox" is applicable when you are not connected to wifi. In order to send the lesson, you must be connected to wifi. Without wifi, the lesson must be sent to the outbox.

"Send Now" allows you to send the lesson at the current time.

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