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When attempting to upload videos to an internet academy you get a Co Create error. Trimming a DV file results in the new file having no sound.

If you have 64bit Windows Vista or any version of Windows 7 you do not have the required 32bit encoder installed. 64bit Windows includes the 64bit version of the encoder. You will need to remove the 64bit version and then install the 32bit version. For Windows 7, XP and Vista 32 bit skip to step 3. In order to remove the 64bit version we actually have to install it first as it is not listed to be uninstalled normally. Follow the steps below. NOTE: if you have Windows 7 32 bit skip to step 3

1. First install the 64bit encoder here

2. After the above is installed go to the Windows Start button, then Control Panel. In Control Panel under Programs click Uninstall a Program, locate "Windows Media Encoder 9 Series x64 Edition" in the list and uninstall it.

3. Install the 32bit encoder here

This should resolve the CoCreate errors in V1.

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