There are two ways to get the video onto your iPad application.

First (and probably the easiest way) is to purchase a SD card adapter, which plugs directly into the bottom of your iPad.

Take the SD card with the videos on it out of the camera and place it in the adapter. Choose which videos you want to import.

Open V1 for iPad, and click on the camera on the top right of the screen. Select the video, and click use.


The other option is to use our program called V1 Home.


Open it up and create a login.

Click on the green folder with a film strip coming out of it.

Choose the video you would like to view on your iPad app.

After it loads click on the folder with the UP arrow.

Use your login information, email and password (which should by default be set to password).

Select V1 Golf academy, the first option.

Then click Login on the bottom.

Enter a short description for the video and click send at the bottom of the window.


Open up your iPad application.

Login with the same information you just used for the V1 Home version of the software.

Click on "My Locker" at the bottom of the screen.

The video should appear after it is done downloading to your online locker.

Repeat this process if you would like to add any additional videos.

Sorry for the length of this process, it is the best way to do it without using the SD card adapter.

*Note: Make sure that the video is named consistently with the other videos in your device's folder on the computer:
EX - CIMG_098098, IMG_098098, MOV_098098324

V1 Technical Support ([email protected])
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