Sending a Swing with V1 Sports for ANDROID

Step 1. Open V1 Sports for Android

Step 2. Select the Locker icon in the upper Left corner

Step 3. Login or Select "Create an Account"

Step 4. Select the Camera Icon from the Main Screen

Step 5. Choose your Capture Method & Record

  • V1 Video Capture (Import)
  • Sony Action Cam

​​Step 6. Capture your Swing

  • Use the Red/Gray button to Start and Stop Recording
  • Review your Swing Video

​Step. 7 Select the V1 Logo

  • Choose Send (video will transcode)
  • Trim your video by Sliding the Blue handles
  • Select the Scissor Icon to Trim (video will encode)

Step. 8 Select the V1 Logo

  • Choose Send
  • Select Your Academy Instructor
  • Select Assign to Instructor or Change Instructor if not Assigned

​The video will upload to your selected Academy Instructor

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