Analyzing Video

From your Locker, the Library, or a Stored page folder, touch a video to open its preview screen. From here, touch the Analyze button to open the video for analysis.

Use the Play/Pause button to see your video in slow motion. Use the slider ball to move the video directly to a desired position.

Hold down the Play or Pause button in order to change the playback speed. As you hold down the button, the percentage of full-speed will cycle through 25%, 33%, 50%, 67% and 100%.

Note that video that has been newly captured may have the ability to seek directly only in 1 second increments (to video "key frames"). The Step Forward always advances immediately to the next frame, while the Step Reverse button may hesitate as a result of having to build frames from their nearest key frame. Once you upload a video to your locker, it is transcoded into a format more amenable to frame stepping.

You may draw illustration lines with your finger directly onto the screen. Please see the Drawing topic for further details.

Touch the RVP icon to display a popup menu. On this popup menu, use the Done button to end video analysis. Use the Flip button to horizontally mirror the video for analysis of left-handed vs. right-handed video.

By default, a single video is displayed. However, you may choose to analyze two videos simultaneously in order to compare before/after progress, or to compare your video to a model video. Please see the Compare topic for further details.

From the RVP popup menu, you may also Send the video to your locker, device's photos album, facebook, or as an email attachment. The Send Snapshot option allows you to send a still image of what you see on the display to your Printer, facebook, or as an email attachment. In order to send a video to your locker, you must have previously logged-in. Only video captured on the device may be uploaded or emailed.

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