- What is Teach Mode?
Teach Mode allows you to skip the transcoding phase of capture. This allows you to review your video immediately after it has been captured. You will not be able to seek as smoothly as you will if you disable Teach Mode. Also, when sending a video to an academy, you will still be required to transcode the video. Transcoding is still required when importing video or capturing with the device's Camcorder app.

- How do I log out?
Staring with version 1.1, we've implemented an auto-login system. You only have to log into the software one time and, going forward, you will automatically be granted access to your Locker. To log out, touch MENU > Settings and select "Log Out".

- How do I refresh my lists?
To refresh, pull down your list until "Release to Refresh" is displayed. Letting go will begin the reload process.

- Why do the lines I draw disappear?
Users who have had issues with drawings disappearing generally are inadvertently deleting them using motions. With our software, you can "shake" the device, like an Etch-A-Sketch, and it will delete all drawings. If you double-tap the screen, it will delete the last drawn line. We have implemented a feature, "Disable Touch Delete", that disables these motion features. You can get to the Settings by hitting Menu > Settings.

- Why is V1 Sports for Android telling me I do not have enough memory to view videos?
Due to the advanced features of V1 Sports for Android, we recommend not capturing/importing HD content. While capturing/importing HD content will work, it leads to instability within the app and we do not recommend it.

- Why is V1 Sports for Android telling me to manually set my capture save location?
New Android devices are constantly being released and phone manufacturers may be storing captured video in a location that V1 Sports for Android isn't aware of. For those devices, you should manually enter your save location using MENU > Settings > Capture Save Location. You can find your device's location by using a file explorer app, such as "My Files" or "Astro". The latter is found on the Android Market. If this fixes your device's problem, please contact us using the Provide Feedback link, letting us know your capture save location, and we'll add it.

- How do I compare my swing to a left-handed player?
Once in the Analyzer, touch the video that you'd like to use as a left-handed model. Next, touch the Tools button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Lastly, touch the "Flip" icon to flip the video.

- How do I draw circles and squares?
Once you have selected the tool you wish to use, use two fingers. For the Box tool, your fingers will be the upper right-hand and lower left-hand corners of the box. For the circle tool, your fingers will be two opposite points on the circle.

- How do I erase lines?
If you double-tap the screen, your most recently drawn line/shape will be erased. If you shake the phone, all of your lines/shapes will be erased. You can also use the "Undo Line" and "Erase Lines" buttons within the MENU to achieve the same results.

- How do I share videos?
You must first upload a video to your locker. Once you've logged in, the "Upload" button will be made available to you both within the Preview screen and the Analyzer. Once you've uploaded the video, the "Share" button will be made available for those videos you have uploaded. The "Share" function will allow you to email, text message, and post direct links to your videos on various social networking sites, depending on which apps your phone has installed.

- How do I move lines?
Once in the Analyzer, touch the Tools button and select "Move". This tool will enable an orange pixel to be either on your line or within your shape. You can touch the orange pixel and drag it in order to move your line/shape. You can also use the Move tool to choose which line/shape you'd like to erase by first moving it and then double tapping.

- Why won't my DROID X/2 automatically import captured video?
Due to a limitation of the DROID X/2's Camcorder app, we are only able to automatically import 320x240 video. As this video is not acceptable for analysis, we've made changes that will run the Camcorder outside of V1 Sports for Android, allowing you to use the full resolution of your phone's Camcorder. As a trade off, you are required to import the video manually by using the Camcorder/Galler's "Share" function. We hope that Motorola updates their Camcorder so we are able to import videos automatically.

- Why is my model/drill download taking so long?
Your phone's Internet connection may not be as strong in certain places. To ensure a strong Internet connection, we recommend using WiFi whenever a WiFi hot-spot is available.

- Why is my captured video upside-down?
Android is unable to detect your phone's orientation when capturing video. To handle this, we base the orientation of your captured video on the orientation of your phone directly after capture takes place. If your video is not properly oriented, use the Analysis Trimmer's Rotate function, found within the MENU. With the default Playback Trimmer, we use the device's orientation at Trim time to determine the post-encoding orientation of your video.

- What are the limitations of moving V1 Sports for Android to the SD card?
Moving the app to your SD card can free up your phone's internal app storage. However, when mounting your phone to your computer, you will experience strange behavior inherent to the Android operating system. You will not be able to run the app when your phone is mounted to your computer. In fact, the application will appear to be removed from your phone and, if added, your Live Folders icon will disappear from your desktop. Dismounting your phone will cause V1 Sports for Android to reappear in your Application List and you will be able to add the Live Folder icon back to the desktop. Also, the Notification Service will be disabled when mounted. You must restart V1 Sports for Android and log back in to start the Notification Service again.

- Why does encoding take so long?
If you are encoding HD content, the process may take longer than expected. Encoding standard definition content is a much quicker process and, because the resolution gained by using HD content on such a small display isn't always needed, we recommend capturing in a standard definition resolution, such as 720x480, which is DVD video quality.

- How do I log into a Branded Academy?
When logging in, V1 Sports for Android attempts to log you into the V1 Sports Academy, V1 Sports Academy, or any of the Branded Academies. When viewing your locker, you will see the 4 letter code corresponding to the Branded Academy that the video was used with. When Uploading and/or Assigning, you can access the V1 Sports Academy, V1 Sports Academy, or any of the Branded Academies.

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