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Managing Instructors and Students (Pro Windows)
Managing Instructors and Students (Pro Windows)

V1 Branded Academy

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Add Instructor

Filling out the following form will add an additional instructor account to your Branded Academy.

V1 Pro Tip: By checking the Allow Account Access to Master Account box, the submitted instructor account will be granted access to change Branded Academy Settings. After completing the form, the new instructor can log into the V1 Pro HD software and deliver online lessons. Filling out the above form does not automatically give the new instructor account access to the V1 Pro app. After submitting a new instructor account click on Manage Add-Ons under Settings to give the instructor account access to V1 Pro. Additional fees occur when adding an Add-On. See Manage Add-Ons for more information

Edit Instructor

Clicking an instructor's name will allow you to update that instructor's account. Change the fields and click Submit Changes to save.

Disable Account

Clicking the Disable Account link will disable the selecting instructor from the Branded Academy. Doing this will not delete the V1 account it will remove all instructor access for that Academy. The instructor's name and account is still present in the Edit Instructor settings should the admin want re-enable the instructor at a later time. A disabled account will say Enable Account instead

Hide Account from Public

Clicking the Hide Account from Public link will remove the selected instructor account from public view. By default your Branded Academy is publicly listed in the V1 Golf app. Use Hide Account from Public when you don't wan't to receive swings from clients.

View Students

View Students allows you to view an individual student's Locker. Each Locker will only display content received from your academy. Student's content like Online Lessons from other academies and uploaded videos are private and not shown here. In addition to viewing Online Lessons you can do things like update your students account information, resend the analysis email, upload the lesson to your connected social media accounts etc...

V1 Pro Tip: Haven't seen one of your students in a while? Use the View Students feature to watch their last Online Lesson and review it before they come in again.

Resend Analysis Email

Clicking the Resend Analysis Email link under an Online Lesson will resend the email notification a student normally receives when an Online Lesson is sent to them by you. Use this when a student is requesting their lesson again.

V1 Pro Tip: Instead of resending the analysis email simply encourage your student to download the V1 Golf app and watch past lessons there. V1 Golf is the most convenient way your students can review all of their lessons in one place.

Move Video

Use the Move Video link to move a lesson from one student's Locker to another. Use this link if you accidentally sent a lesson to the wrong student.

Send to Social Media

The Send to Social Media link will allow you to upload an Online Lesson to your connected social media accounts even after the lesson has been sent.

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