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Login Page and Locker

While you'll mostly be using V1 Pro HD and/or the V1 Pro app for instruction, the Master Control Panel has a few key areas that you should familiarize yourself with.
 To access your Branded Academy's Master Control Panel, click the link in your verification email or contact support for assistance.

 On the login page enter your email address and password into the appropriate fields and press Log In.

V1 Pro Tip: The Branded Academy Login Page can be embed into your website to provide your students with easy access to their Online Lessons. Click here for an example. If you need help please contact your V1 Sales Representative at 1-800-777-7721
 Once you're logged in, press the View Master Account button at the top of your Locker to access your Master Control Panel.

 Here you can change your Branded Academy's Settings.

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