A waiting area for your lessons, your V1 Pro app inbox performs a number of critical functions. Let’s take a look.

Using Your Inbox 

Upon opening your inbox, you'll find a list of pending video analysis requests sent by your students with one of two statuses listed as follows:

1: The Airplane icon indicates a lesson request awaiting your response.
2: The Checkmark icon indicates a lesson request you’ve accepted, but not yet completed.  

– To accept a request, click on a lesson to bring up a preview pane showing the lesson details, then click Accept. Once you’ve selected and downloaded one of these videos, the student is informed that you have accepted their request for analysis.

– To analyze a previously accepted request, click on the accepted item to bring up a preview page, then click Analyze.

– To decline a request at any point prior to completion, click the Trash Can icon along the right edge of the preview page.

If you need to update the list to check for any new requests, simply click the Refresh icon.

In your outbox, you’ll find lessons you’ve previously completed that are waiting to be sent to students on your Academy. Your outbox will normally be empty, but if you’re using the V1 Pro app without a working internet connection, any items you record will queue up here. Once you reconnect to the internet, simply click Refresh to send the completed lessons.

Finally, you can view lessons successfully uploaded to your Academy in your sent box. Please note: your sent box only contains lessons sent from your specific device and does not provide a complete history across all your devices.

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