Create Add-On

After adding an additional Instructor Account to your Mobile Academy the new account needs access to the V1 Pro app. Use the Manage Add-Ons setting to create a V1 Pro App Add-On for the new instructor.
 Type: The only type of Add-On you can select is V1 Pro App.
 Price: The Monthly cost is fixed at $20 a month for each additional instructor who wishes to have access to the V1 Pro App.
 Start Date: Select the date at which you would like the instructor to start having access to app.
 Associated Instructor: Select the instructor from the drop down menu you wish to give access to the V1 Pro app and then click Submit Add-On.

V1 Pro Tip: Don't want to pay the cost of the Add-On? Enter the email address of the additional instructor in the Email Address of Billing Account field so they can cover the cost. Leave blank if you want it billed to your account.

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