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Academy Settings Overview

The Academy Settings are used to customize how your students experience your Branded Academy such as Branding your Academy with your logo and sharing lessons to social media.

Move and Analysis Email

Clicking the Edit Move Email Copy and the Edit Analysis Email Copy will allow you to personalize the email that will be automatically sent to your student after you have moved a swing into their Locker or to notify them that you have analyzed their swing from the V1 Pro software.

Use the Insert links at the bottom to automatically insert the relevant information into the email.

V1 Pro Tip: This is a Master copy and will blanket any student that receives an email from your academy. The Insert links are the code that pulls the student's information just as you entered it in the V1 Pro app or V1 Pro HD, and it personalizes the email to the individual student.

Upload Academy Logo

Click on Upload Academy Logo to customize your Branded Academy with your unique logo. Select Choose File from the Upload window and navigate your PC to find where your logo is saved. Press the Upload button to complete the process. By uploading your logo all of the emails sent from your academy via an Online Lesson are branded with your logo.

Edit Sponsor Logos

Click the Edit Sponsor Logos link to edit current logos or upload new ones to your Branded Academy. Click Choose File and navigate your PC to find where your logos are saved. Then press the Upload Image button to complete the process. Once uploaded, sponsor logos will blanket every email sent to your students just like the academy logo.

V1 Pro Tip: Use the Image URL field to link the sponsor's logo to the sponsor's website. This will give your sponsor more recognition by driving more traffic to their website! But why do this? You can use the Sponsor Logo feature to sell ad space on your Branded Academy. 

Social Networking Settings

By entering your social networking credentials you'll be able to automatically upload lessons to your social networking sites from the V1 Pro app and V1 Pro HD. In order to upload lessons to your Facebook page you are required to have a YouTube account setup. Lessons will always post first to your YouTube channel and then cross post to Facebook and/or Twitter.

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