You can easily access your V1 Pro app drawing tools by tapping the icon in the top left corner of the analyzer window. This will reveal the toolbox shown below. Once your toolbox is open, you’re ready to begin.

Drawing in the Video Analyzer

When analyzing video, the V1 Pro app allows you to draw directly on the video using a single finger like a pencil. If you’re concerned about precision, don’t be: the V1 Pro app will take an approximate drawing of a line or circle and snap into a perfect shape! Want to draw an angle using two separate lines that meet at a common point? The app can also intuitively calculate angles to display measurements. 

If you want to draw angles even quicker, you can select a two-finger touch option using the Line tool. Once selected, just tap twice with your thumb at the vertex and your forefinger at each endpoint. Two-finger shapes can be accessed by tapping the Draw icon in the upper-right corner of the analysis screen. Choose from the Line, Circle, Box, or Pan/Zoom options.

– When Pan/Zoom is selected, you may use one or two fingers to move the image and zoom in on a particular section of the video.

– To undo your most recent drawing, simply double tap the image. To erase all drawing from the screen, gently shake the device, or select the Eraser button from the Draw menu.

– To move existing objects, select the Draw icon and then select the Arrow tool. Orange handles will appear at locations which you can click on to move the selected object.

Finally, you should keep in mind that illustrations on screen are saved automatically when a video is closed, and will be restored the next time you analyze the video.

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