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Getting Started in the V1 Pro App for Android

V1 Pro App

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Ready to begin using the V1 Pro app? 

Here are a few simple instructions to get you started.


If you aren't already logged in, clicking on any section will take your to the login screen. Once you've entered a valid email address and password, you’ll be presented with a list of academies for you to choose from. Select your branded academy from this list. The app remembers your login information and selected academy, so you only need to do this once. 

To log out, visit Settings.

Your Locker  

Your locker is divided into two sections: My Videos and My Lessons & Drills

My Videos houses raw video that you’ve uploaded for analysis performed by you or another instructor. From here you can also exchange video between your mobile device and your PC.

My Lessons & Drills houses analyzed video and imported content from the V1 Pro PC application. Video listed in this section may be added to lessons you perform for your students, like introductions, tips, prescribed exercises, and more.


– If a video has been downloaded to your device, you’ll see it listed with green text.

– No longer need a video? The delete icon can be used to permanently delete any video from your locker. However, if the video has been downloaded previously, it will remain in your stored video folder until you delete it using the delete icon on that page as well.

Let’s Get to Work

Once you’ve successfully authenticated with the V1 Academy, you can begin working with students. To get started, click Students at the bottom of the app. You can add new students by using the plus icon or importing them from your academy. 


– Once a student is selected, you can use the camera icon to record and analyze the new video.

– From the analysis window, you can select the V1 logo to begin a begin a lesson.

– If a student uploads and assigns a video to you via your academy, you will find it in your inbox waiting for acceptance and analysis.

– Visit the library to download models and manage video stored on your device.

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